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Preferred Homecare Joins AAHomecare’s President’s Circle

Since merging in 2011, Preferred Homecare and LifeCare Solutions have combined as a leading provider of home healthcare products and services across the Southwest and Western U.S. Through the expertise gained from over 17 years of market leadership and an established network of 60+ branch locations, Preferred Homecare | LifeCare Solutions (“Preferred Homecare”) has upheld a commitment to improving healthcare and reducing costs through unmatched disease management programs, cost-effective utilization and expert clinical care.

Echoing this commitment to the customers and patients they serve, Preferred Homecare has joined AAHomecare as a top supporter and one of the prominent service providers in the respiratory, HME, and infusion markets.

“When a company joins our ranks and goes above and beyond to support our initiatives financially and through leadership roles in the Association, it shows how dedicated they are to moving the industry forward. A mutual sense of appreciation and dedication between AAHomecare and our members is what drives this organization to Capitol Hill and CMS every day to fight for our members’ interests,” said Tom Ryan, AAHomecare president and CEO.

Bringing over 30 years’ experience of leading successful healthcare organizations, Robert Fahlman, CEO of Preferred Homecare, understands the value partnerships with organizations like AAHomecare can bring, especially as the healthcare industry shifts to a value-based system.

When asked about joining AAHomecare, Mr. Fahlman said: “Teaming up with an organization like AAHomecare not only strengthens our commitment to improving healthcare within the markets we serve, but it also creates an important partnership to help address the continued reimbursement and access challenges our industry faces. As a Company set on a mission of improving lives, partnering with AAHomecare just makes sense.”

Mr. Fahlman joined Preferred Homecare last February, having most recently served as Chairman and CEO of Arcadian Health (now Humana).

Preferred Homecare reinforces their commitment to improving healthcare and their mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the patients they serve as a President-level supporter of AAHomecare’s mission to preserve and strengthen access to care for millions of Americans.

To learn more about Preferred Homecare, please contact:

Preferred Homecare, Corporate Communications
4601 E. Hilton Ave. Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85034-6406
Phone: 800-636-2123
Fax: 480-446-7695

To learn more about American Association for Homecare, please contact:

Beth Ludwick
Senior Director, Communications
American Association for Homecare


Announcing CA:360


Healthcare providers are being challenged to do more with less and cost containment objectives have led to a push for changes in the way healthcare is delivered – cutting costs is essential, as is delivery system transformation.  In response, Preferred Homecare and LifeCare Solutions has reengineered the way we will deliver infusion services within the state of California.

Starting January 1, 2015, we will be shifting how we deliver our infusion services within California to a “hub and spoke” model of care, both for the delivery of medications as well as for patient care and support.

CA:360 is an innovative, value-based care delivery model which will serve the infusion needs of our California patients from a central pharmacy while providing their care through neighboring infusion suites or coordinated nursing through our network of nurses, both internal and external.

Learn more about CA:360 >

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