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Find Out Why More Insurance Providers Work With Us Than Any Competitor In Our Service Area

Hospital Liaisons

Our staff are on site where you need us, when you need us.

Many hospitals in our service area are assigned a staff liaison. We maintain the largest number of consignment closets in hospitals in our service area of any of our competition. For those hospitals where we don’t have a consignment closet, we make sure our equipment is readily available via mobile vans.

Staff liaisons are in each of the hospitals they serve every day, to make sure patients know how to use their equipment before going home. Our presence on the ground allows us to keep the patient discharge process moving smoothly and on your timetable. Most important, being there to help patients at the right time contributes to good patient outcomes once the patient leaves the hospital.

We make our equipment available to you through the largest network of consignment closets in our service area, plus a fleet of mobile vans stocked with equipment.

Healthcare Providers

With hundreds of insurance contracts and many hospital liaisons, we guarantee expert, efficient and compassionate service.

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