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Healthcare Providers FAQs

Q: Why should I choose Preferred Homecare | LifeCare Solutions over other home medical equipment/homecare providers?

Preferred Homecare | LifeCare Solutions is your partner in providing compassionate and clinically sound care for your patient.  We take seriously the commitment to service your patient with the best in clinical expertise, effective and appropriate treatment regimes, and timely and courteous customer service. 

Your patient will benefit from the vast expertise of our healthcare team, who work with you, the Healthcare Professional, to deliver your patient outstanding support.  Not only will your patient receive excellent care, they will learn how to manage their health through education and resources we provide. We also work closely with your patient’s insurance company to handle reimbursement—quickly and conveniently—so you don’t have to.

Q: Why do Preferred Homecare | LifeCare Solutions operate under different names?

Preferred Homecare | LifeCare Solutions came together in January of 2011 to bring our customers even more value. Both company names are trusted in the community so each brand has been retained. 

Q: What products and services do you offer?

We offer a full suite of services and products for respiratory therapy and home medical equipment.  Click any of the following links to see more…

Respiratory Therapy
Home Medical Equipment

Q: How do I submit an order?

The most efficient way to submit an order is via fax to your local branch. Click here to learn how to refer a patient.

Preferred Homecare | LifeCare Solutions are constantly working to improve processes, and online referral submission is one of those eminent improvements.  Look for changes to our website soon!

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