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Medical Supplies FAQs

Q: How often can I re-order my supplies?

Once every 30 days

Q: How often do I need a new Rx?

Make sure your doctor indicates refills on a prescription. With adequate refills, most prescriptions can last up to a year. Medical records could be required every 6-12 months for continued coverage. Wound care supply orders can be valid up to 3 months with adequate refills.

Q: Can I pick up my supplies?

Supplies are stocked in our offsite warehouses and are not available for pick up at our branches.

Q: When will I receive my supplies?

Supplies are shipped directly to your home from our closest warehouse. Packages can arrive as soon as 2-3 business days, via FedEx or OnTrac. Insurance qualification/authorization guidelines must be met prior to shipment, which could cause a delay in your order.

Q: How do I reorder my supplies?

You can call to place your reorder at 800-636-2123. Ask your representative if you qualify for automatic shipments.

Q: Is there a catalog of all the equipment and supplies Preferred Homecare offers?

Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of equipment Preferred Homecare offers, we do not have a catalog at this time.If you need to inquire about a specific supply, please call the main phone number and a representative will be able to advise if Preferred Homecare|Lifecare Solutions can provide it. 

Q: Does Preferred Homecare privately sell equipment and/or supplies as a retail item?

Preferred Homecare offers equipment and/or supplies as a self-pay purchase.

Q: Can a nurse from a Home Health Agency privately purchase supplies for their patient?

A: As long as the Home Health Agency has signed the Letter of Agreement, and is willing to pay the sale price of each item as listed in the agreement.

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