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Invia® Liberty™ NPWT System

Invia ® Liberty NPWT pump The lightweight ( 2.2lbs ) Invia Liberty NPWT pump provides an adjustable negative pressure range from -40 mmHg to -200 mmHg and two therapy modes constant and intermittent, along with an electronic measuring and monitoring system. The pump can be used with either foam or gauze dressing kits.




Invia ® Liberty canisters 300 ml & 800 ml

The Invia disposable canisters with solidifier collect exudate from the wound. They contain a bacterial filter and a carbon filter which assists with minimizing exudate odour.





Invia ® Foam Dressing Kit with FitPad

The Invia foam is a reticulated open pore structure made from a flexible polyurethane hydrophobic material. The foam is available in a dressing kit with a FitPad and transparent film(s). The kits come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

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