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Project ImPACT

Project ImPact | Preferred Homecare


Improving Patient Flow &
Hospital Financial Performance



Hospital financial and operational leaders face a unique set of challenges over the next few years. Tasked with ensuring profitability in the emerging value-driven reimbursement environment while ensuring they are successfully navigating the growing set of value driven mandates emerging from both commercial and public payors.


As a recognized leader in the provision of post-acute Infusion services, Preferred Homecare has developed PROJECT ImPACT, a comprehensive fully integrated program designed to improve hospital financial performance and patient outcomes for conditions requiring postacute IV therapies. PROJECT ImPACT is derived from evidence-based initiatives designed to improve care coordination and patient transitions to post-acute sites of care, whereby optimizing key hospital operating performance metrics that can enhance institutional return on assets.

Improved Patient Assessment, Coordination, and Transition

PROJECT ImPACT identifies the processes and interdependencies to achieve the greatest net gains from defragmenting patient care by improving patient flow, patient placement, coordination of care, and discharge planning.

PROJECT ImPACT is an organizational program designed to improve productivity, enhance quality, and reduce cost. The program’s emphasis is on care coordination and patient transitions that are intended to capture the numerous small savings from increased efficiencies that collectively add up to substantial savings.

  • ED2 Home Value Offering / Improved Hospital Operating Performance
    When hospital service demand is high capacity exceeds thresholds, PROJECT ImPACT’s ED2 Home program can improve operating performance and help generate incremental revenue by moving low-acuity, low case mix index patients directly to the home from the ED to start or continue their care.
  • Observation2 Home Value Offering / Improved Total Patient Operating Cost
    For patients whose clinical needs exceed what can realistically be achieved within the ED visit and are therefore moved to observation; PROJECT ImPACT’s Observation2 Home program can help transition these patients to the home to complete their plan of care.
  • Hospital2 Home Value Offering / Improved Hospital Financial Performance
    Discharging patients from the hospital is a complex process. PROJECT ImPACT can help manage length-of-stay and prevent avoidable rehospitalizations which can profoundly improve both the quality-of-life for patients and the financial well-being of the hospital.

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